The 7 Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold

The 7 most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold Published by “In Good Taste” 2020 1. Leonardo da Vinci, “Salvator Mundi”, circa 1490–1500 Sold for:  $450.3 million at Christie’s (November 15, 2017) Salvator Mundi is a painting by Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci dated to c. 1500. Long thought to be a copy of a lost…
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Repairing a Damaged Canvas

Repairing a Damaged Canvas: Patching vs Lining Source: Gainsborough Products, LLC – USA There are two methods of repairing a torn or punctured oil painting on canvas. a) The damaged area of the painting can be Patched b) The entire painting can be Fully Lined (adhered) onto a new supporting canvas. Several factors discussed below…
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