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Exhibitions of Items

Each our Edition will have an illustrated internet catalogue including photos, description and estimates. You may surf and view the items by clicking the Red Button of the upgoing Edition on our Main Menu. All exhibition items are in front of you, described with technical features, dimensions, condition, origin, bibliography…
If you want to view only the items you are interested in, go to the “Categories” column on the Home page and choose your favorite article session.
For each item offered in our Site you can find a primary label informing you whether it is available at a Fixed Price or by Internet Bidding as described hereunder.

Catalogues in PDF form of previous and the upcoming Edition are available at the footer bottom line of our Site.
By setting an appoipment through our website or by telephone, you will be able to visit our premices and view the works of art you are interested in as soon as the catalogue is set online and over the whole period af the auction. This way, you will be able to examine peacefully the work of art and get advice from our experts or auctioneers. On this occasion, you will also have the opportunity to buy other items offered at fixed price. Any object sold in our store is immediately reported as SOLD in our online catalogue.

Buy Fixed Price or Bid at Auctions

Two Sale Platforms are available :

Buy–Now or Fixed–Price platform. An easy way to immediately purchase

Bidding Parity – Leave a Bid platform.

Not charging a premium, nor the online bidding fee
A primary label by the item photo informs you whether it is offered at a Fixed Price or by Internet Bidding. You can Register and create your account on our website in a few clicks. Then you can easily Login any time you wish to participate our sales.
You do not wish to create an Account ? No problem, you can buy not necessarily by creating an account. You can join our Sales by declaring your personal information which will be deleted from our archives by the end of the purchase procedure. No personal data will be kept by us if you do not desire to create a personal account. The procedure is Confidential and secured.

How to Bid at Auctions
All of our auctions will be available for internet bidding. Internet bidding will be soon through ( and First time bidders must register, creating an account. You will be asked for your full contact details, telephone and fax or e-mail will be required to inform you about the purchase procedure.
Once you’re connected, bidding is very simple. Simply type your maximum bid in the box, and our software will then bid on your behalf up to the amount in the box – and never higher. If another bidder exceeds your maximum bid, you’ll be notified. The highest value will also be reported be the Item box. After validating your maximum bid, you cannot change it unless you want to raise it.
If there is a bid in the last minute, a 1 minute additional time is added. It allows bidders to bid again without disturbing the other lots timers.
At the end of the auction countdown time, you win the auction if no other bidder has placed a maximum bid that is higher than yours.

Conditions of Sale

All property offered and sold through “ …Art Valuable… ”, (“Auctioneer”, or “Company”) shall be offered either with fixed price or by bidding in auction. They are sold on the terms and conditions set forth in these Conditions of Sale. By participating in any sale, you acknowledge that you are bound by these terms and conditions.
“ …Art Valuable… ”, has made every effort to catalogue and describe accurately property to be sold. The Company, however, assumes no risk, liability or responsibility for the identification or authenticity or authorship, or weight, count, or measure of any property identified in its catalogue or lists of sale. This shall include, among others, the identity of the creator, the period, culture, source of origin, as the case may be, with which the creation of any property is identified in any publication.
All sales are final. Since all sales are final, credit card chargebacks are not allowed. By agreeing to these terms, you are also agreeing not to reverse any credit card charges. This agreement supersedes any agreement customers may have with their bank or any other financial institution, including but not limited to credit card companies. Any items returned without prior written authorization will be considered abandoned and will become the property of “ …Art Valuable… ”.
The majority of property offered at “ …Art Valuable… ” comes directly from estates and private collections, and may show signs of use and age. The absence of condition remarks in the description DOES NOT mean the item is in perfect condition. We encourage you to thoroughly examine the property before bidding. If you cannot personally inspect a lot, you may request a Condition Report prior to purchasing. This service is provided for guidance only, without legal obligation. All lots are sold “AS IS” and there will be NO RETURNS BASED ON CONDITION. Again, prospective buyers are in ALL CASES responsible for determining the physical condition of lots as there are NO RETURNS based on condition.
In no event shall it be responsible for the correctness, nor deemed to have made any representation or warranty of description, genuineness, attribution, provenance or condition of the property and no statement by anyone or in the catalogue, in any advertisement, or which is made at the sale, in the bill of sale or invoice, or elsewhere, shall be deemed such a warranty or representation or an assumption of liability. Without in any way waiving the foregoing, any complaint regarding authenticity, genuineness, attribution or provenance shall be made within twenty-five (25) days of the day of sale or such complaint shall be waived. All bidders acknowledge their right to have made or requested full inspection of any and all properties prior to sale and agree to be charged with all matters such inspection may have disclosed or indicated. Inspection at any day of sale will be permitted only upon prearrangement with the COMPANY.
The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the event of any dispute between bidders, the auctioneer shall have the sole and final discretion either to determine the successful bidder or to re-offer and resell the article in dispute. If any dispute arises after sale, the Company’s sale record shall be conclusive in all respects.
Upon the fall of the hammer, i.e. the last minute of the preannounced Edition period the title to any offered lot or article will immediately pass to the highest bidder as determined in the exclusive discretion of the auctioneer. Such bidder thereupon assumes full risk and responsibility for the property sold, agrees to sign any requested confirmation of purchase, and agrees to pay the full purchase price therefore or such part upon such terms as the Company may require. All property shall be paid for and removed by the purchaser at his/her expense within seven (7) days of sale. The Company will not be responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or otherwise responsible for any goods left in the Company’s possession after seven (7) days. Clients are welcome to pick up their items from our location or make their own shipping arrangements. Any item not removed after 30 days will be subject to a storage fee of €1 per day per item. Any item not removed after 60 days will be considered abandoned and will become property of “ …Art Valuable… ”. If the foregoing conditions or any applicable provisions of law are not complied with, in addition to other remedies available to the Company and the Consignor (including without limitation the right to hold the purchaser(s) liable for the bid price) the Company, at its option, may either cancel the sale, retaining as liquidated damages all payments made by the purchaser(s), or resell the property. In such event, the purchaser(s) shall remain liable for any deficiency in the original purchase price and will also be responsible for all costs, including warehousing, the expense of the ultimate sale, and the Company’s commission at its regular rates together with all related and incidental charges, including legal fees. Payment is a precondition to removal.
Payment shall be by cash, certified check or similar bank draft, or any other method approved by the Company. Merchandise will be held for 10 business days if paid by personal or business check. The processing fee of (2.8% for Live Auctioneers and) 2.99% for Invaluable, (Auctionzip and Ebay Live) is passed directly onto the buyer. In order to avoid this processing fee, please contact us to make payment directly.
Unless the sale is advertised and announced as “without reserve”, each lot is offered subject to a reserve and the Company may implement such reserves by bidding through its representatives on behalf of the Consignors. No “buy” bids shall be accepted at any time for any purpose. Any pre-sale bids must be left in writing with the Company prior to commencement of offer of the first lot of any sale. The Company’s copy of any such bid shall conclusively be deemed to be the sole evidence of same, and the Company shall not be held responsible for any failure to execute any pre-sale bid.

Pick-Up and Shipping

Accepted Forms of Payment
You can pay directly by secured credit card or bank transfer or even by check or cash within the bounds authorized by the law. We reserve the right to hold merchandise purchased by personal check for up to ten business days.
Auction purchases must be paid for and picked up no later than seven days after the auction. Items left beyond this period will be subject to a storage fee. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. “ …Art Valuable… ” will require written authorization from the buyer to release property to any party not listed on the invoice.
To pick up your works of art
Once you have paid, you can get your purchases either in our premises or directly delivered to your home.
In our premises in Mesogaia Attica area :
• Spata: …………………………………………….. [+30 (210) ……………………] • ……… : …………………………………………….. [+30 (……) …………………….] Shipment :
“ …Art Valuable… ” can ship and deliver your buys either in Greece or abroad. A packing and protection service for the works of art is ensured. We organize the transport.




Types of Items We Handle

We are always looking to purchase or consign Jewelry, Artwork, Sculpture, Porcelain, Bronze, Sterling Silver, Art Glass, Asian Works of Art, Mid-century Modern Furniture, Books……

How to sell, Fixed Price or Auction?

Public auctions are part of a proven system that creates competition among buyers and therefore ensures that you achieve the highest possible price for your goods. Our online auctions end simultaneously with the running Edition end time.

The alternative of our Fixed Price sales ensures faster payment for your objects.

Outright Sales
There is always a possibility of immediate selling directly to us. It is a subject of mutual discution and aggreement. Outright purchase of property allows the seller the advantage and convenience of immediate payment. Many sellers prefer this method of sale rather than consigning their property to auction and awaiting payment after the successful sale of the items. When calling or emailing, please mention if outright sale is of interest to you.
How to sell. 2 steps to easily sell your works of art with “ …Art Valuable… ” :
1 – First ask for a preliminary estimate
The first step in selling property is to obtain an informal estimation of the item. The figure is based upon our expertise and knowledge of what similar items are fetching in the current auction market.
Without any prior commitment from your part, we can give you in time, a valuation of your works of art through an online application. You may e-mail us photos of your items along with dimensions and any other information you may have, or by setting up an appointment at our place. We can also visit you at home to draw an inventory.
We are pleased to meet with you in person to evaluate your items. Alternatively, Get an estimate of your works of art :
• Ask for a free online estimate
• Set up an appointment in our offices
• Ask for an inventory at home

Estate Services
For larger groups of property, collections or estates, please contact us at tel …………………….. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and develop a plan for your situation.
Entrust your works of art to our team for an appraisal :
Further to this previous estimation, should you decide to put your works of art for sale, an appraisal on evidence will have to be achieved. In that case, you will just have to leave your works of art in our offices or ask for our shipping network to pick them up. This procedure is free of charge and without any commitment from your part. For that a Consignment Agreement is to be signed:
2 – Give your agreement to include your works of art in one of our upcoming editions, either fixed price sell or bid auction.

After reviewing the auction estimates, the next step in the consignment process is to review a Consignment Agreement for your property. The Consignment agreement will include a complete listing of your items, the sales Edition period, commission fees, insurance charges and company policies.
An order will then be drawn including the Business and Use Terms and Conditions. Your works of art are photographed in details with a complete description of them, and then put on line in catalogue prior to our upcoming edition sales. They can also be viewed in our offices by all the collectors.
The proceeding of the sale can be viewed publicly online and you are given the results by email. You can get all the results regarding your works of art onto your account right after the selling procedure has terminated.
As soon as you have asked for a first estimate, a confidential and secured online account is created for you. You will be able to get back all your personal data (address, telephone, bank details…), all your works of art to be estimated (and the result of their estimate), all your sales (previous and upcoming), all your purchases and accounting.
Charges and payment

Low, simplified selling charges.
Further to the 24% V. A. Taxes “ …Art Valuable… ” ensures the seller with low selling charges. Taking into account the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, part of the selling charges is a charity to the “ The Ark of the World ”, the non-profit Love and Solidarity organization that was founded in 1998 by Greek Father Antonios.
Up to 499,99 € of your total sales during one of our Editions: We charge 5% selling charges. The total amount is trasferred as a charity to « The Ark of the World ».
For sales higher than 500 € you pay 10% selling charges. Half of these charges will also be trasferred as a charity to the « The Ark of the World ».
Should your works of art remain unsold, no charges will be asked.

We do not apply any administration charges. Not charging a premium, nor the online bidding fee.
Financial benefits
Under some particular circumstances, you can be granted exclusive financial benefits.
• Loan on your sale : you can be granted part of the value of your work of art before the auction.
• Price guarantee : we ensure a selling price at least equal to the lower estimate.
Lower selling prices are accepted only upon your written premice.
• Anticipated payment : your sale is paid before the payment deadlines.
Our sellers are paid through bank transfer for a fast, secured payment.

Every amount received by the buyers is transferred onto a third account secured and guaranteed. You will get the payment of your sale after the deduction of charges within four weeks following the sale.