Sell on ArtValuable

Sell on Artvaluable

Public auctions are part of a proven system that creates competition among buyers and therefore ensures that you achieve the highest possible price for your goods. Our online auctions end simultaneously with the running Edition end time.
The alternative of our Fixed Price sales ensures faster payment for your objects.
Outright Sales
There is always a possibility of immediate selling directly to us. It is a subject of mutual discussion and agreement. Outright purchase of property allows the seller the advantage and convenience of immediate payment. Many sellers prefer this method of sale rather than consigning their property to auction and awaiting payment after the successful sale of the items. When calling or emailing, please mention if outright sale is of interest to you.
How to sell. 2 steps to easily sell your works of art with “ …Art Valuable… ” :
1 – First ask for a preliminary estimate
The first step in selling property is to obtain an informal estimation of the item. The figure is based upon our expertise and knowledge of what similar items are fetching in the current auction market.
Without any prior commitment from your part, we can give you in time, a valuation of your works of art through an online application. You may e-mail us photos of your items along with dimensions and any other information you may have, or by setting up an appointment at our place. We can also visit you at home to draw an inventory.
We are pleased to meet with you in person to evaluate your items. Alternatively, Get an estimate of your works of art:
• Ask for a free online estimate
• Set up an appointment in our offices
• Ask for an inventory at home
Estate Services
For larger groups of property, collections or estates, please contact us at tel …………………….. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and develop a plan for your situation.
Entrust your works of art to our team for an appraisal :
Further to this previous estimation, should you decide to put your works of art for sale, an appraisal on evidence will have to be achieved. In that case, you will just have to leave your works of art in our offices or ask for our shipping network to pick them up. This procedure is free of charge and without any commitment from your part. For that a Consignment Agreement is to be signed:
2 – Give your agreement to include your works of art in one of our upcoming editions, either fixed price sell or bid auction.