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Welcome to the art valley of the archer Centaur

When discussing art, "value" can be a technical term, or it can be a more subjective term related to either the importance or the monetary worth of “valuable articles”. Items are selected on profitable, historical, memorial and emotional basis.

Thus the term "value" is the motive behind the collection trend.

We have been collecting since the year 2000 and after 20 years we decided to share our passion with people of similar interests. Our collections include eclectic artworks by known and unknown artists, decorative art, selected home accessories, exceptional publications, various collectibles and rare personal articles. Whether you are a collector or just starting or simply interested in art-deco, retro, vintage and antiques, there is almost always something for you.

In our Portfolio show you can find interesting ideas and proposals coming from our Collection and Participating Sellers. Be informed, contact and link with producers, makers, creators and private collectors.

You may like a variety of notable items, but you cannot accumulate everything. Focus on particular objects, that you feel valuable. Paintings of certain artists or of specific artistic movement, gravures, vinyl records, toys, coins, stamps or even delightful wines and much more. And where possible, sell the rest to enrich your new assortments of articles.

Whatever the motive, collecting is always an extraordinary trip to knowledge.

Welcome to the Christmas 2019 Edition with 100 premier lots on offer.
It lasts for two months, November 15, 2019 to January 15, 2020.

Have fun browsing and exploring, good luck.